Thermal insulation & Insulation

We work with future-proof materials and building materials for façade insulation.

Insulation, also called thermal insulation, prevents the loss of heat from the inside to the outside. The aim of thermal insulation is to maintain the inside temperature for as long as possible, regardless of the outside temperature. This prevents an exchange of the inside and outside temperature. The insulation materials used have a particularly high density. They bind air, which is known to be a poor conductor of heat. Further functions of thermal insulation:

  • Thermal insulation not only saves energy.
  • It also prevents moisture damage such as mould.
  • Thermal insulation increases the value of the property.
  • Thermal insulation makes sense in the following areas: Roof, façade, interior, floor, floor slab, basement.

Our services in the field of thermal insulation:

  • Full thermal insulation
  • External thermal insulation composite system (ETICS)
  • Facade insulation
  • Exterior wall insulation of any kind
  • Facade insulation
  • Interior insulation
  • Core insulation
  • Sound and heat insulation layers

Each façade must be assessed individually according to age, type of construction, weather side, cold bridge, etc.,
as many factors influence the desired result.
The selection of the right insulation and building materials plays an important role.

If you have any further questions on the subject of thermal insulation, we will be happy to help you.
We are also happy to offer a comprehensive consultation on site.


Liquid insulation

With liquid insulation, uneven floors can be perfectly levelled. The cumbersome laying of insulation boards can thus be omitted. Whether in old or new buildings – cables and pipes are often laid in large quantities. When it comes to laying insulation boards afterwards, it becomes very time-consuming on the one hand and can lead to heat loss on the other. It is almost impossible to lay insulation boards as efficiently as liquid insulation. But this factor is not the only one that plays a role. Uneven surfaces can be optimally evened out with liquid insulation. Save time and also money with liquid insulation. Your cost accounting will thank you later.



The right insulation always ensures a dry building.

Insulation only reduces the passage whereas insulation completely seals it off. The main function of insulation is to seal a structure to prevent moisture ingress, or to insulate to reduce heat loss through the envelope of a building and thus reduce energy demand.
We work with future-proof materials and technologies for wall and floor insulation.

Unsere Leistungen im Bereich Isolierung:

  • Bodenisolierung
  • Deckenisolierung
  • Fassadenisolierung
  • Kellerisolierung
  • Garagenisolierung
  • Schallschutz Isolierungen
  • Außenwandisolierungen
  • Industrieboden Isolierung
  • Estrich Unterbau Isolierung

Je nach Untergrund, Verwendungszweck kommt eine unterschiedliche Isolierung in Frage.
Die Auswahl der richtigen Isolierung und Werkzeuge spielt dabei eine wichtige Rolle.

Wenn Sie weitere Fragen zum Thema Isolierung haben, helfen wir Ihnen sehr gerne weiter.
Gerne bieten wir auch eine umfassende Beratung vor Ort an.

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